The Ultimate Guidebook to Floral Painting e-book

Tips & Tricks to Painting Gorgeous Florals from Nida

A thoughtfully created resource to help you compose florals with better perception. 90 pages of Floral explorations for you to reach new realms of comprehension and paint florals with much better insights!

A consolidated record of all my experiments and understandings as a floral enthusiast.

- Nida Jahain

What is included in this book

How to start a painting?

Starts with how I begin a project & how you can adapt 

Breaking the stages of a painting

14 stages of a painting that you can follow like a checklist 

Psychology of Colours

How to apply colour psychology to your paintings

Color Palette Ideas + Mixes + Application

How to curate colour palettes & create them on your own

Colour Recommendations

My recommendation of colours & mixes + swatches

Mood Boards

Inspiration boards for better comprehension

How to compose?

Different techniques for creating outstanding compositions

How & Which elements to choose?

6 types of ingredients for extraordinary compositions

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Frequently Asked Questions

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