Bloom in Botanicals Membership

Monthly Watercolour Lessons

What is Bloom in Botanicals ?

An exclusively curated watercolour membership for aspiring floral enthusiasts to learn, discover and flourish in botanicals.

  • Monthly watercolour classes 
  • Colour Spotlight + pigment information 
  • Color Palette + Mixing exercise
  • Live Q&A calls in a private group 
  • Template, PDFs and other educational resources 
  • Behind the scenes of my studio and studio insights
  • Small exercises to implement the video training
  • Review monthly exercise and gentle critiques from Nida
  • Quarterly Giveaways and Prizes
  • An amazing community to back you any time, to encourage you to grow as an artist
  • Confidence and clarity to paint fearlessly 

Why is Bloom in Botanicals perfect for you ?

It starts with you as you are,  and from there, works naturally to what  you want to be.

 The programme is designed to empower you to discover your unique style and establish your creative practice that is equally satisfying to your mind and soul!

Amazing things you receive in Bloom every month...


Pre-recorded high-quality HD videos to help you advance your skills through step-by-step practical projects. It offers a unique learning experience designed for students of ANY LEVEL


Explore a new colour each month. Learn all about pigments, colour mixing and combinations  



Pick my brain. Each month you explore one colour palette and understand how to impliment it in a painting to create harmonious compositions.


Downloadable Worksheets, Exercises, Guidelines, Sketches, References, Templates, Notes and get back to them whenever you need to refresh your knowledge.


I take you through a BTS journey into my studio and share my thought process, actions & implementations - coaching you on artpreneurship and successfully building a thriving art career!



Get all your questions answered by Nida!

Curious about what you'll learn inside Bloom in Botanicals ?
Take a look at the Bloom 2021-'22 SYLLABUS!



₹2299 (~$30)

Per month, incl VAT

  • Pre-recorded HD videos. Watch at your convenience
  • Monthly Q&A session 
  • Access to Downloadable  Educational resources
  • Mentor support via chat
  • Access to the private  Facebook community   
  • IMMEDIATE ACCESS to all the modules upon enrolment 
  • MONTHLY  payment.         


₹22990 (~$300)

Per year, incl VAT


  • Pre-recorded HD videos. Watch at your convenience
  • Monthly Q&A session 
  • Access to Downloadable  Educational resources  
  • Mentor support via chat
  • Access to the private  Facebook community   
  • IMMEDIATE ACCESS to all the modules upon enrolment
  • 2 MONTHS FREE access.

Here is what the other Bloomers have to say...

Bloom in Botanicals is a beginner-friendly and warm community to learn and grow in watercolour practice. Being a BiB community member has given me confidence for my journey ahead in Art. From my experience so far, I certainly vouch for the fact that Nida is a dedicated, friendly mentor. She puts a lot of effort and thought into teaching and guiding. The course material and her emails spark joy!  

Founding Member

I wished for a workshop/course by Nida for so long, my wish was finally granted, and it was named “Bloom in Botanicals” :) Nida has perfectly curated this course with her in-depth knowledge about colours,pigments,shades etc. I am not a floral artist, but this course has helped me so much in understanding the techniques which is not readily available out there. Thank you so much Nida!


Founding Member

Nida is an amazing artist. The course designed is very professional, teaching each topic step by step. The course is well structured, and the videos make learning fun, so it’s easy to get inspired and implement her techniques. I plan to stick with her for a long haul.


Founding Member

Nida you are an excellent teacher, you are a great mix of listening and speaking. You help clear doubts and help build confidence in painting . Your passion and dedication is beyond words . You are an amazing teacher. Thank you for launching Bloom!                                                    

Founding Member

Nida's sessions and videos are very well prepared, and the course is designed in such a way that all of us were able to do it at our own pace. Her classes start off from a first timer perspective- talking about how to buy the essentials, her Inside the Studio experiences, the different techniques and lots of resourceful topics. She’s been supportive and has motivated me whenever I reached out to her. She even answers the question I didn't know I had. I must say that the other members of her group-  women of different age groups- are also very energetic and very much involved and excited for her classes. I'm happy that I chose her class and I very much look forward to our future sessions together :)


Founding Member

I am Sindhu, from Berlin,Germany. I love to paint landscapes and at a time when I wanted to broaden my skills in a wider subject range, I saw Nida's BiB membership launch. It was the perfect timing and who else than Nida to learn botanicals from.
Nida is a great botanical artist and I love the way she paints florals. Over the past 4 months, we have learnt a variety of things, from colour theory to painting simple florals to painting different kinds of leaves. We also get a monthly 'Color Spotlight' sheet where we get to learn in-depth about colour and its properties. The best part about this membership is that she provides monthly Facebook Live sessions and a community to support each other. I highly recommend this membership to everyone who wants to learn to paint botanicals.

Founding Member

When I saw Nida's paintings I wanted to learn from her. She started classes, I just joined without a second thought. She is very sweet and teaches very well. Whenever we ask for doubts or help she is available to help around. I took the correct decision about joining the class. Hope to excel in the journey of watercolors just like her :)


Founding Member

Nida is very talented. Every month I look forward to the new modules of Bloom in Botanicals. I enjoy the specific exercises without feeling overwhelmed


Founding Member

5 Stages of a Blooming Artist!

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Frequently Asked Questions

You start off as you are!!
Artists of any skill level with a love for nature and painting florals can join Bloom in Botanicals.

Check your level - Check out Blooming Artist Guidebook to know where you are in the journey to becoming a blooming watercolour artist and how Bloom can help you grow!

NO. The lessons are pre-recorded high quality videos and are designed to “work at your own pace”. Hence, all of the content is available to you as long as you are a member! You have unlimited access and can view the class as many times as you like!
Live Q&A session will be conducted every month, which will also be available as a replay. 

You explore the world of watercolor in a therapeautic way. You learn right from the basics, techniques, sketching, painting , composition and lots more! As months progress you gain confidence and clarity in creating 

You can cancel the Subscriptions ANYTIME!
Due to the nature of the digital content, we cannot offer refunds for the months that you have paid.
Depending on the plan you choose, the payments are charged monthly or yearly, recurring from the date you initially Signed Up. If you wish to cancel, you can do so anytime before the next billing date. Refunds are not possible once your payment goes through.

You can choose to pay MONTHLY or ANNUALLY.
When you pay annually, you get TWO MONTHS FREE!

P.S. The price at which you join the membership gets locked in FOREVER as long as you are a member(even if the membership price increases in future!) If you cancel and return later, you’ll pay the increased price of the membership at that time.

You can choose to learn at your own pace.The content for each month is designed in such a way that it can gently fit a busy lifestyle. We will have some implementation months in between to catch up with the lessons you’ve missed if any.

BLOOM is NOT a course. It’s a journey to exploration of watercolour in a therapeutic way. It’s about an ongoing learning where you progress in your art journey every month. It’s designed to cover various topics of botanical watercolour painting each month that is quite relaxing too.

YES. Every time doors open to Bloom, it will be at an increased price. But as long as you are a member, you will be paying the same price at which you joined.

This is an ongoing membership where new content will be added each month. As long as you a member , you get access to the content library.